Hey everyone. I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! Cook up a storm? What was the best thing you made?

I’ll be honest. I haven’t cooked much this past week. And not just because I’ve been living off of Thanksgiving leftovers.

Why? Because I’ve been in Hawai’i. Oahu specifically.

A decent excuse I think.


In fact, I haven’t been eating much cooked food at all. While staying in the islands, my boyfriend and I all but lived off of Hawaiian poke and pineapple.

My man and I are such foodies. We traveled to Hawai’i and spent the majority of the week seeking out poke shops.

Poke is somewhat of a Hawaiian raw seafood salad. Typically it is made with ahi, or tuna, but it can be made with nearly any seafood that can be eaten raw. After all, “poke” simply means “to cut or slice” in Hawaiian. The ingredients and style of poke can vary widely from shop to shop.


Over the course of the week, we must have tasted at least 30 different kinds of poke. Shoyu poke (soy sauce), limu poke (seaweed), spicy poke, sriracha poke, salmon poke, smoked salmon poke, tako poke (octopus!), smoked tako poke.

And the list goes on.

My personal favorite was a little restaurant named Fresh Catch. If you are a fan of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, you may have seen Guy Fieri chatting with the owner Reno Henriques last year. It was especially convenient since they have a location in Kane’ohe within walking distance of where I stay.

Limu Poke

The minute you walk in the friendly and chatty employees bombard you with samples. They make at least 20 kinds of poke fresh every day and I must have tried at least half of them before ordering the Special Spicy Poke (made with sriracha) and their Limu Poke. Not only was the poke amazing, but the staff really made our visit memorable. After finishing lunch, we chatted for a while about our plans in Hawaii and they let us try even more samples.

We liked it so much we even went back the next day.

We also took a drive along the Windward coast of Oahu to hit up a few fruit stands. We stopped for pineapple and some super-sweet grilled Kahuku corn. Kahuku is largely known for their shrimp shacks/trucks, but people tend to forget about the amazing corn they grow.


If you notice, its pouring outside. Hawai’i has a reputation for blue skies and perfect weather. I’m not too sure who the hell painted that picture, but they clearly haven’t spent much time on the islands. Hawai’i isn’t bright blue and white, as it’s depicted in the old Elvis movies. The primary colors are dark greens and grays.

Hawaii 4

It’s gorgeous.

Oh we may have stopped to feed the birds as well.


Well, that was my little holiday.

Don’t worry I’ll be back in the kitchen soon!