Donut Bread Pudding with Coffee-Whiskey Glaze

I should maybe change the name of my blog from “The ‘Lush’ious Baker” to “Baking with Leftover Stuff I Find in My Kitchen”.

I’ve done lots of recipes with leftover beer, leftover wine, leftover beer, leftover bananas, leftover beer, leftover pumpkin, leftover beer….what else are you supposed to do with good-quality, yet sadly flat, day-old beer?

Donut Bread Pudding 3

This time it’s donuts. Donut Bread Pudding that is. And what goes better with donuts than Coffee? Oh, right, Whiskey spiked coffee.

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Black Cherry Whiskey Creme Caramel


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Do you ever find something new at the grocery store and think “Well that sounds weird but maybe it will be interesting”? You know, like pizza flavored Pringles or red velvet ice cream? Or Black Cherry Flavored Whiskey?

Well, I can’t tell you much about the pizza flavored Pringles, but I can tell you that the black cherry whiskey was definitely…well…interesting. And not in a good way. The damn thing has been sitting in my liquor cabinet for nearly a year.

Creme Caramel

I am so proud of myself. I finally managed to figure out a way to integrate it in to a dish and make it taste good. Really! My Black Cherry Whiskey Creme Caramel turned out to be not only edible, but pretty tasty, if I do say so myself.

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Valentine’s Dinner at The Hobbit in Orange, California

So this week’s post is a bit different. I haven’t been cooking much lately (gasp!). Busy busy busy with teaching and lab work and jiu jitsu and, very occasionally, life.

Not to mention that my Valentine’s dinner at The Hobbit with my man kept me full for nearly two full days after the fact.


And that dinner is what I want to share with you today. Because it was, quite possibly, the most incredible dining experience I have ever had.

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Stout Apple Oat Bars


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I don’t like wasting good beer.

To be honest, I am pretty loathe to wasting any food and, usually, I’m pretty decent at repurposing leftovers in to new dishes.

Stout Apple Bars

However, sometimes I shove some leftover whatever in to my fridge, intending to work it in to another meal, and then ignore it until it turns green and fuzzy at which point I am forced to toss it in the trash. But, when faced with a nearly full but flat bottle of Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, I had a plan.

That’s a total lie. I had a plan to bake with it, but had no idea what the end product would be. I pretty much tossed a bunch of ingredients together until I ended up, somehow, with these awesome Stout Apple Oat Bars.

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Banana and Saffron Blondies (with Jaggery!)


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So…I’m out of ingredients.

I’m not sure what happened…Just one day I looked in to my pantry and…cobwebs.

Well, that might be an exaggeration. But I am out of eggs, white sugar, and all but a scant 1/2 cup of brown sugar. Which makes baking desserts, you know, a bit tough.

Banana Blondies

But, some days, I just have to bake. It’s my outlet. My stress relief. I need my fix, man!

Somehow I scrapped together enough ingredients to create these awesome Banana and Saffron Blondies.

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I Made Naan!

Have you ever tried out a new recipe or technique that you were sure was going to fail? A time when, every step of the way you thought to yourself “there is no way this is going to turn out”?

And then it turns out perfect?


Somehow, someway, by some strange stroke of luck that’s what happened to me on my first attempt at making Naan. It was awesome :).

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French Four Spice Marshmallows


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Christmas is right around the corner and you know what that means!

Lots and lots of holiday baking.

Seriously, Christmas is, by far, my favorite holiday. I love the lights, the food, the decorations, the food, the goodwill towards men atmosphere, the food…

Yea, Christmas is pretty much just an excuse for me to bake all damn day.


Though, to be honest, I haven’t been baking much this holiday season. Mostly because of my recent preoccupation with candy making. Lately, I have been making so much candy that it hasn’t left me much time for baking. Last week was my super simple Honeycomb Candy. This week’s creation is my own sweet and savory twist on the old campfire staple: French Four Spice Marshmallows!

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Maple-Bourbon Seafoam Candy and an Early NYE Resolution


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This post is going to be a little different. I don’t want to talk about food.

Oh don’t worry, I promised you a recipe. So there is most certainly a recipe at the end of this post. It’s the most stupidly simply candy recipe that I have ever stumbled upon (seriously, I think I found this on StumbleUpon).

Maple Bourbon Seafoam

Honeycomb candy, also known as seafoam candy, is an easy recipe that requires fewer than 5 ingredients and comes together in less than 10 minutes. As long as you have a candy thermometer, you good to go. In my version, I exchanged the honey for maple syrup and added a few tablespoons of bourbon whiskey (you know I had to).

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